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Home Tips: Garden Accessories

Posted by North Eastern Group Realty on April 20, 2017
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Your beautifully budding flowers and plants may be the stars of the show, but just like the rest of your home, your garden may need some accessories to add a touch of warmth and whimsy. Garden decor such as planters, signs and birdhouses can help bring your personal style to your garden and brighten your spirits when you’re out tending to your blooms. Even if your thumb isn’t as green as you would like it to be, you can still have a pretty garden with some fun accessories!


Since they are relatively large, the planters you choose help set the tone for your garden. Think of them as the “furniture” of the garden. Brightly colored planters can add some festive spirit to your garden, while light colored stone planters will give your garden a more tranquil feel. Wooden box planters bring a rustic feel. This textured planter from West Elm is beautiful and neutral!

(Image Credit: West Elm)

 Garden Signs

Add some art to your garden with garden signs! There are many options when it comes to garden signs – some come in the form of garden stakes while other larger signs may be hung on a fence. Chalkboard stakes are fun because they are easily customizable and can help you remember where you planted which seeds. This garden stake sign is from Magnolia Market (they have a bunch of cute garden stuff)!

(Image Credit: Magnolia Market)


You might be thinking that birdhouses are only for crazy, old bird ladies or high school boys in wood shop, but they can actually be really cute! Since your flowers and most of your other garden accessories will be close to the ground, birdhouses or other hanging ornaments can actually serve to draw the eye up and add some height and dimension to your space. Plus, there are some pretty sleek birdhouse options out there if you’re not up for making your own. This white ceramic birdhouse from Target is so simple and pretty!

(Image Credit: Target)

Accessories for You: The Gardener!

Who says your garden gets to have all the fun? You’ve got to have the proper accessories to get the job done (and look good doing it)! This garden tote from Magnolia Market is perfect for carrying all of your gardening tools.

(Image Credit: Magnolia Market)

Hoping your flowers are as beautiful as your garden accessories!

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