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Home Tips: Small Space Decorating

Posted by North Eastern Group Realty on June 22, 2017
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Many people love older homes for their character and charm. One thing that might not be so charming, however, are their typically smaller room sizes. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Even if you don’t have the budget to reconfigure the floor plan of your older home, you can still make your small spaces feel bigger with theses small space decorating tips!

Lighten Up

Using light colors for paint, furniture, curtains and rugs will make a small space feel much bigger. Whites, light gray, beige or even light blues work well in smaller spaces. Another tip from Real Simple is to match your curtains to your wall color. This creates continuity on your walls and makes the room seem larger.

(Image: Real Simple)

Go Minimal

The last thing you want to do is fill a small space with hulky, bulky furniture. Choose lightweight pieces with thin legs so that they don’t overwhelm the room. Transparent items such as glass coffee or dining tables like this one are perfect for small spaces.


Keep it Clean

In small spaces, you will want to keep accessories to a minimum. Too many knick-knacks will make your space feel cluttered and messy. Choose a few key pieces that really speak to you and fit the style you’re hoping to convey.

(Image: Front + Main)

Small spaces can take a little extra care when decorating but they can still be beautiful and functional! Hopefully these tips help with your small space!

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