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Home Tips: Things to Do Before You Start House House Hunting

Posted by North Eastern Group Realty on February 6, 2018
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Spring is a popular time to buy a home. If you’re planning to buy a house this spring, you might be anxious to get the process started. Here are some things you can start doing now while you wait for the actual house hunt to begin!

Save Money and Set a Budget

If this is your first time buying a house, you might be surprised by all of the extra costs you have outside of the actual cost of the home. There are a lot of steps involved in buying a house and some of them involve extra money on your part. Do your research now to see how much money you need to have saved up outside of your down payment and start saving now! Along those same lines, now is the time to really figure out how much house you can afford. Crunch the numbers and set a firm budget that you can stick to. You want to still have wiggle room in your budget so that you can live your life. Once you’ve set your budget, stick to it an don’t be tempted to look at houses that you can’t really afford!

Make a “Must Have” List

Make a list of everything you need in your new home. Consider your current and future needs. Are you planning to get a dog? Have children? Take that into account. Also make a list of things you would like to have in a house, but could ultimately live without. Putting your needs on paper will really help you and your realtor narrow down your search once you start looking.

Research REALTORS®

Start researching REALTORS®. Your REALTOR® will be a very important part of your home buying process so you want someone dependable that you can trust. You also want someone that you feel comfortable and enjoy spending time with – you will be spending a lot of time together! Start by getting recommendations from friends and family members then do your research online. You can even reach out to some REALTORS® and set up a couple meetings to get to know a little more about them in person before you commit to working with someone!

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